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PostSubject: RACES   Thu Aug 16, 2007 9:39 am

i know i said id get onto this earlier.. but i didnt. So neh queen

Pretty much a guideline to those who want a bit of character history, nothing really special




By far the race with the largest expansion rate and population size in the known world, humans are, for want of a better description, very much 'you get what you see' Born as a blank slate their history is what they make of it as is their future.

SIDE: Empire/Alliance/Cyclonian
Skin: Go find one you lazy git
Opposing Race: None


Tough, short in stature and loud in voice, Dwarves are a very secular society and keep themselves to themselves usually, regarding human wars as human wars and as such not worth bothering with, however since the capture of Dun Morogh (Galbatorix's castle) The keep thought to be impregnable built into the very rock and ore of Mount Blackspine by the empire, the dwarves now bear a grudge they will not stop trying to fulfil

SIDE: Alliance
SKIN : If its little, its acceptable
Opposing Race: None, But the empire? Lets leave it at that Shocked


The elves are a thinboned and beautiful race, preferring greatly sciences magic and art to the ravages of war, as such the empire took great pleasure in the destruction of the elves capital city of leafhome, an outrage the long memoried people will never forget or forgive

Side: Alliance, Fallen or exiled elves can be empire
Skin: Go find one that looks pretty ^_^
Opposing race: Drow, though dwarves are pretty ugly to,


The beastkin come in many different shapes and sizes, all of which seem to meld the look of a human with that of some form of animal, be it feline, lupine or even serpentine to draconian. Considering themselves the true children of the three godesses beastkin tend to spend thee time in their tree bound city of Deepnest, or guarding the forests along with elves against the furnaces of galbatorix

Side : Alliance,
Skin: Anything vaguely animal, lizardmen, mog's neko's or werewolves.
Opposing Race: Repton's

To Be Continued when im not rping XD
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