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PostSubject: LuxAstrum   Sun Aug 19, 2007 6:20 pm

Name: LuxAstrum

Race: Human


job: Necromancer

Sex: Male

Alignment: no one

Recognisable features: the ground beneath his feet after a while turns into blight

Skin: http://jediknight2.filefront.com/file/Necromancer;36298


LuxAstrum past is shroded in mystery and superstition...or so he says. He was actually born in a cave, his father and mother are and still rouge mages. They did not like the rebellion nor did they trust the empire. Before fleeing the empire they copied the entire Imperial Library with a spell. The full contents of the severel million pages were enclosed into one magical book. However the spell to transfer all the contents to the book malfunctiond in a way and now the book has a mind of its own. only allowing the user to find the spell he/she wants based on his/her power. As lux grew up his thirst of magick grew and grew. His parents, believing that the only way to gain full knoweldge was to let the boy do as he pleased they let him choose any type of magic he wanted. Lux chose necromancery. however for practical purposes he also studied the elements and basic light magicks. As he grew older and older his power became greater and greater. His parents didnt understand how Lux became so skilled in the dark arts. Then after 15 years of being oblivious they finally realized how this happend. The cave they lived in was an old forgotten necromancer tomb. The glyphs and sigils of the Tombs walls only just started to appear on the walls as lux's power grew. They now know what happend. The old spirits of the necromancers were guiding lux's every spell and chant. When Lux was 20 and just about to leave his parents. the ground split open and a gigantic lich appeard before them. the Lich telekenticaly lifted Lux into the air and placed a strange sigils on his body. After that the Lich crumbled into dust. The Sigils slowly disipated over lux's body. Lux decided to stay with his parents a little while longer. The shock of a large lich placing strange symbols on you as that effect.
Lux after another week then left the confinds of the cave and went on his journey to make his own life and possibly find a wife.
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